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【Announce】BETO has successfully complete trademark registration in South Korea

Established in 1988, BETO Group has been specialized in manufacturing bike pumps, tools and accessories. BETO, which stands for BE The Original, is not only the concept that the company has always believe in but also the trademark that we have been using for domestic and foreign markets. However, in early times when BETO just started to develop in foreign markets, we are unable to complete our BETO mark registration in several countries, thus, we have chosen another trademark: PUMPKING to carry out a more thorough promotion.


To use BETO mark to promote consistently in every market is one of BETO’s goal, since BETO mark represents not only our recognition but our superior manufacturing ability and the guarantee of our perfect quality. Fortunately, our patience brings us good news, we have seize the opportunity and complete our registration in South Korea in 2020. Starting from February, 2020, BETO is available to conduct promotions in South Korea market, and provide a more consistent strategy of product promotion.


BETO group welcomes companions who are interested in promoting in South Korea with high quality bicycle accessories. Please contact us through the following email: info@beto.com.tw, look forward to hearing from you!

June 5th, 2020