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Environmental Protection

BETO promotes corporate sustainable policies from the aspect of the environment, we have committed to take responsibility for the environment while earning profits at the same time. To fulfill our corporate social responsibility and to protect our one and only Earth, we have started with Green designs that meet Taiwan and global environment protection laws, to reduce damage to the environment and to accomplish environment sustainable development.

【Green Production】
BETO has implemented an ERP system and a business process management system. It is not only to digitalize our operation processes but to save up to 120,000 pieces of paper each year. Due to a lack of natural resources, we should carefully make use of the resources we have, to protect our Earth, and to provide a good environment for our next generation. By making the best use of our limited resources, we would improve our production efficiency, reduce the risks of operation, create a new green sustainable economy, and eventually meets the concept of BETO corporate environmental responsibility.

【Package Design】
For selling purposes and to prevent products from damage during transportation, it is inevitable to use inner packaging and outer packings, which is also a consumption of our natural resources. Thus, BETO has been focusing on using eco-friendly packaging materials recyclable and non-toxic which is harmless to the environment.
  • To design an appropriate package size: BETO has various product specifications, which also differ in the package size. We have simplified our package design by digitalizing our product descriptions and instructions, which can effectively reduce the waste of resources for over packaging. We have now reduced 15% of the area of the instruction card. Furthermore, we have extended the plan to reduce the volume of the carton we use and have successfully achieved by reducing 20% of the space within one year .
  • Toxic-Free test: To offer safe, toxic-free and environmental friendly packagings, all our packagings are passed toxic-Free test.