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BETO Sustainability

Customer Service

To achieve the goal of corporate sustainability, BETO has been improving its ability of operation and profitability continuously. BETO dedicates to offer products with reasonable prices, high safety standards and quality, base on the brand insistence that BETO has always stick to -original designs, high quality, fair prices, good services, and reasonable lead time. Besides enhancing its production process by implementing a world-famous ERP system- SAP, and business process management system, BETO has also introduced automated production equipment to maximize the manufacturing efficiency to reduce the lead time to increase BETO's competitivity. Furthermore, BETO has been certified to ISO 9001 in 1998, which indicates that BETO has maintained the consistency of the quality of product and service while improving the production ability.




BETO possesses a professional design team and R & D team that is not only experienced but also has vision and insight to bicycle market, who has been creating innovative products with over 300 patents and numerous design awards. (iF, RedDot, Good Design, Golden Pin and Taipei Cycle d&i awards)



BETO has been certified with ISO 9001 in 1998 and has ensured its products passed safety tests such as Reach and Proposition 65. In BETO's industrial sites, we have laboratory equipment for product safety tests, such as durability testing machine, torsion tester, and constant temperature and humidity machine, to provide customers with high-quality products that also meet the high safety standards. Moreover, BETO has provided both high-quality products and services by following guaranteed warranty policies for customers and through BETO's legally authorized distributors and agents, which can fulfill customers' demands.



Founded in 1989, over 30 years of experience in the market, BETO not only provides high-quality products with innovative designs but also improves its market competitivity continuously. We have advanced and digitalized our operating process by implementing ERP system-SAP and business process management systems. Meanwhile, we have purchased automated production equipment to lower our manufacturing costs, to eventually provide competitive products at reasonable prices.



To protect customers' rights and interests, BETO has standardized both internal training programs and distributor training program which include before and after sales services. Thanks to the recognition and the support from our customers worldwide, BETO has been awarded the best partner prizes by customers with remarkable brands worldwide. BETO will carry on providing the best services to its customers and partners, and thrive in this competitive market.


【Lead Time】

Intellectual and automated production equipment has been purchased to reduce manpower utilization moderately and increase production efficiency, furthermore, to make a balance between MTS and MTO. This is to fully utilize the producing time and capability, to maximize production efficiency and to meet the goal of reducing lead time.


【Safety Inspection/ Certificate】

As a well-behaved corporate citizen, BETO pays attention to corporate social responsibility and cares about human rights. We are concerned about whether the raw materials we use would harm our environment or not. Thus, we conduct safety inspections such as RoHs, REACH, California proposition 65, and PAHs, to ensure that we are producing products that are environmentally friendly and enable environmentally sustainable development.