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Communication with Stakeholders

Communication with Stakeholders

Through various communication channels and mechanisms, BETO understands and provides the most suitable solutions to the issues and demands of different stakeholders, and exposes communication performance and results to the enterprise internal in an open and transparent way, enhancing communication and dialogue between the two parties. More stakeholders' communication channels are as follows:

Our Stakeholders

Focus on Issues

Communication Methods


1.Labor Relations

2.Employee Recognition and Cohesion


4.Occupational Safety and Health

1-1.Labor-Management Conference

2-1.Employee Training

2-2.Employee Meeting

2-3.Suggestion Box

3-1.Employee Welfare Committee

4-1.Labor Safety and Health Conference

4-2.Health Examination


1.Products and Services 

2.Marketing / Sales / Customer Service

3.Costomer Health and Safety

4.Market Status

5.Abide by Environmental Protection Law

1.Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

2-1.Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire and Reply

2-2.Customer Audit and Respond

2-3.Website/Telephone/Letter Contact Channels

3.Product Specification Quality Test Report

4-1.Apply for a description of the scope of the patent and provide an international certificate and a contract to protect the company's design patent

4-2.Promotion Through Exhibition Activities

5.Meet customer requirements for environmental and social responsibility and improvement


1.Purchasing Policy

2.Indirect economic shock

3.Costomer Health and Safety

4.Supplier Social Impact Assessment

1.Supplier quarterly business review meeting / questionnaire

2.Supplier on-site audit

3.Annual Supply Chain Management

4.Provide quality inspection standards to protect the rights of both parties.

Local Community

1.End-of-Pipe Treatment

2.Air Emmisions

3.Environmental Grievance Mechanism

1.Company Website/ E-Mail

2.Environmental Protection Administration

3.Company Suggestion Box Site

Government and Businese Partner

1.General Compliance

2.Costomer Health and Safety

1.Participate in symposiums, seminars and evaluations held by government agencies

2.Seminars, forums, public hearings, training courses for various government policies and regulations